About Us

Hello, I'm Tzivia

I am a guide, encourager, supporter, engager, educator, and container of wisdom.   

My own life's  journey has brought me many gifts: from healing my own emotional pains to manifesting courage and joy.  

I am constantly upgrading my understanding and therapeutic skills, because I love to learn.   My experiences inform me  in helping to  facilitate my client’s emotional health and wellbeing.

Licensed Practitioner

Tzivia Stein - Barrett   is the owner of the Healing Circle Center.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker; Certified Director & Practitioner of Psychodrama; a Registered Yoga Teacher and Licensed Massage therapist utilizing heart centered holistic mind - body approaches to her psychotherapy practice.


The Healing Circle Center was established in 1994 as a family, couples and individual education center  and therapy practice.     

Tzivia still offers Specialty Classes and PROFESSIONAL CEU's.