Mindfulness Yoga Trauma Support Groups

Reduce Isolation, Share concerns, Balance your Energy, Re-Condition Embodied Presence.

Trauma can be crippling as we  become stuck in indecision and fear; putting our lives on hold.  Gentle and Restorative Yoga has been researched and found to assist in the reduction of trauma symptoms of anxiety, sleeplessness, scattered racing thoughts, irritability etc.

Psychodrama is a powerful Mind-Body method which explores the embodied  unconscious.  By putting the stories we think about on the 'sacred stage' through action figures, we metaphorically concretize what is in the head.  You can see in 3 dimensions, what was formally in your mind and can start to better understand the complexity of issues, and look at alternative options.

Participation in these support groups help you move through your spirit wounds, and re-write life scrips that block you from your authenticity.  Yoga philosophy presents that often human suffering is based on the 'Kleshas' -distortions of thought and perspective.  With these 'afflictions' in mind, we will explore asana (yoga forms), pranayama (breath control), slowing down thoughts and share our concerns.

Learning Objectives:

  • To show up for yourself 
  • Utilize self-agency with boundaries
  • Begin to condition the nervous system and brain functioning that you are not alone.
  • Re-establish rhythms of self-care and being in sync with others.

Yoga practice is on the floor and in chairs. Wear comfy clothing. Bring a journal.

InnerBeing Healing Arts

10830 North Central Expressway # 357

Dallas, Texas 75230

Second Saturday of the Month

1:00 to 3:30 Pm

Please call for a consultation prior to registration. 214-232-5159

$25 via Pay Pal to Tzivia@HealingCircleCenter.org

Please note your name & group date

The more you attend, the more you will grow.