Yoga Support Group Therapies

We are explorers, we find gifts of ourselves on this exploratory Journey, we support each other in witnessing these robust, resilient and authentic parts of self. 


Themes: hand-outs, journaling prompts, ideas and discussion toward supporting internal strengths, identifying new solutions and focusing of sessions

Overview: Use of Warm-ups: connecting to each other; Theme introduction; connecting to themes, Yoga, Journal, and expressive ways  to explore.

BodyMind Integration Therapy

Body Mind Integrative Therapy is an approach that uses a number of techniques when appropriate:  Yoga positions to help people unlock and work with emotions held in the body;  Cognitive Therapy and Psychodrama are used to assist clients in getting in touch with and releasing deeply seated emotional and faulty thinking patterns.

The underlying goal of this work is to retrain the body and mind toward increasing helpful complex patterns in improving life through mental and physical health.


Files coming soon.